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Madhurasvana (मधुरस्वन).—a conch.

Derivable forms: madhurasvanaḥ (मधुरस्वनः).

Madhurasvana is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms madhura and svana (स्वन).

--- OR ---

Madhurasvana (मधुरस्वन).—a. warbling sweetly, sweet-voiced.

Madhurasvana is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms madhura and svana (स्वन). See also (synonyms): madhurasvara.

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Madhura (मधुर).—(1) sc. -lipi, a kind of writing (perhaps belonging to the city of Mathurā = P...
Śvāna (श्वान).—m. (-naḥ) A dog. f. (-nī) A bitch. E. A various reading of śvan q. v.--- OR --- ...
Madhurāmla (मधुराम्ल) or Kāvya is the name of a work ascribed to Bhāskararāya (C. 1685-1775 C.E...
Madhurasvara (मधुरस्वर).—n. of a gandharva: SP 5.1.
Śvānavaikharī (श्वानवैखरी).—f. (-rī) A term for angry snarling.
Śvānanidrā (श्वाननिद्रा).—f. (-drā) A light slumber.
Kuhakasvana (कुहकस्वन).—m. (-naḥ) A wild cock. E. kuhaka deception, and svana who sounds.
Madhurajambīra (मधुरजम्बीर).—m. (-raḥ) The sweet lime. E. madhura sweet, jambīra lime. “kamlāle...
Madhurakaṇṭaka (मधुरकण्टक).—m. (-kaḥ) A sort of fish. E. madhura sweet, and kaṇṭaka bone.
Adbhutaśvana (अद्भुतश्वन).—m. (-naḥ) A name of Siva. E. adbhuta astonishing, and śvana who soun...
Madhurālāpā (मधुरालापा).—f. (-pā) The talking-Maina, (Turdus Salika.) E. madhura sweet, ālāpa t...
Harṣasvana (हर्षस्वन).—m. (-naḥ) A cry expressing joy or pleasure. E. harṣa gladness, svana sou...
Sumadhura (सुमधुर).—mfn. (-raḥ-rā-raṃ) 1. Pleasant, gentle, soothing, (speech or discourse.) 2....
Mahāsvana (महास्वन).—mfn. (-naḥ-nā-naṃ) Loud-sounding. m. (-naḥ) 1. An instrument of martial mu...
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