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Alternative spellings of this word include Champakarambha.

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Campakarambhā (चम्पकरम्भा).—a species of plantain.

Campakarambhā is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms campaka and rambhā (रम्भा).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Rambha (रम्भ).—m. (-mbhaḥ) 1. A bamboo. 2. The name of a monkey. f. (-mbhā) 1. A plantain. 2. O...
1) Campaka (चम्पक) is the name of a flower used in the worship of Śiva, according to the Śivapu...
Pītacampaka (पीतचम्पक).—m. (-kaḥ) A lamp. E. pīta yellow, campaka a flower, and kan aff. of com...
Śītacampaka (शीतचम्पक).—m. (-kaḥ) 1. A lamp. 2. Pleasing, satisfying. 3. A mirror. E. śīta cold...
Campakamālā (चम्पकमाला).—1) Name of a neck-garment worn by women. 2) a garland of Champaka flow...
Campakakusuma (चम्पककुसुम) or Campakapuṣpa refers to “flowers of the Campaka plant”, which shou...
Campakapuṣpa (चम्पकपुष्प) or Campakakusuma refers to “flowers of the Campaka plant”, which shou...
Campakeśvara (चम्पकेश्वर) is the name of a Liṅga (symbolical manifestation of Śiva) that is ass...
Rambhoru (रम्भोरु).—f. (-ruḥ or rūḥ) Having thighs as full and round as a plantain tree.
Śilārambhā (शिलारम्भा).—the wild plantain. Śilārambhā is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the ...
Campakacaturdaśī (चम्पकचतुर्दशी).—f. The fourteenth day of the bright half of Jyeṣṭha. Campakac...
Rambhātṛtīyā (रम्भातृतीया).—Name of the 3rd day of the bright half of मार्गशीर्ष (mārgaśīrṣa) (...
Vanacampaka (वनचम्पक).—the wild Champaka tree. Derivable forms: vanacampakaḥ (वनचम्पकः).Vanacam...
Kanakarambhā (कनकरम्भा).—the स्वर्णकदली (svarṇakadalī) plant. Kanakarambhā is a Sanskrit compou...
Vatsararāmbha (वत्सरराम्भ) refers to “beginning of the new year” and represents a religious rit...

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