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Source: Singhi Jain Series: Ratnaprabha-suri’s Kuvalayamala-katha (history)

1) Bullocks often formed part of a Caravan traveling from city city in ancient India, as depicted in the Kathās (narrative poems) such as Uddyotanasūri in his 8th-century Kuvalayamālā (a Prakrit Campū, similar to Kāvya poetry).—Page 134.32-33 f.: There is a description of a caravan with a large number of camels, bullocks, horses and donkeys. It had come from Vindhyāpurī and was going to Kāñcīpuri.

2) Bullocks were depicted on the Saṃsāracakra paintings in ancient India, according to the Kuvalayamālā.—Page 185.21 f.: Here follows a description of a printed scroll illustrating the Jaina conception of saṃsāracakra. [...] The saṃsāra-cakra illustrated the three worlds of hell, human world and the world of gods. [For example:] the agriculturists engaged in ploughing their field with plough, bullocks with pierced nostrils and with ropes tied round their necks, having ploughs on their necks, and bleeding owing to their having been pricked with sharp pointed whips; [...] Farmers harvesting ripe crops and collecting heaps of pulse and paddy and crushing them with bullocks tied to the middle of the post.

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