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Sanskrit word, i.e., the Buddha of Medicine Master, who quells all diseases and lengthens life. He is the Buddha in the Pure Land of the Paradise of the East, i.e., Pure Land of Lapus Lazuli Light.Source: Buddhist Door: GlossaryBhaishajyaguru (Chinese: Yao shih; Japanese: Yakushi), Buddha of Healing, is one of five transcendental Buddhas. He is believed to reside over Eastern Paradise and to dispense spiritual and physical medicine.Source: The Art of Asia: Who is Who in Heaven

Bhaisajyaguru and also known as the Master of Healing or Medicine Buddha, is the Buddha of healing. His full name means "Medicine Master Lapis Lazuli Light". In Mahayana Buddhism, Bhaisajyaguru represents the healing aspect of the historical Buddha Sakyamuni. The use of the analogy of a Buddha being depicted as a doctor who cures the illness of suffering using the medicine of his teachings appears widely in Buddhist scriptures.

(Ch. Yaoshifo, Jp. Yakushi), more formally Bhaisajyaguruvaiduryaprabha (Jp. Yakushiruriko nyorai)

Source: WikiPedia: Buddhism

A term which is a reference to the “Healing Buddha” or “Medicine Buddha”.

Source: Buddhism Tourism: Glossary of Buddhist Terms

Another famous triad includes Bhaiṣajyaguru 藥師如來 (Medicine Buddha) and his two bodhisattva retainers Sūryaprabha 日光菩薩 (Sunlight Bodhisattva) and Candraprabha 月光菩薩 (Moonlight Bodhisattva), who are said to be the chief bodhisattvas of Bhaiṣajyaguru's buddha-realm and also his immediate successors to buddhahood. Together the three are called the holy beings of the east (i.e., the pure emerald world of the east). Bhaiṣajyaguru is chiefly associated with healing while the pair are charged with the task of protecting the teachings of the Tathāgata.

Source: Indrajala's Dharma Depository: Buddhism

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