Blue Annals (deb-ther sngon-po)

by George N. Roerich | 1949 | 382,646 words | ISBN-10: 8120804716 | ISBN-13: 9788120804715

This page relates ‘Shri System (iv): Srupa rdo rje rgyal po’ of the Blue Annals (deb-ther sngon-po)—An important historical book from the 15th century dealing with Tibetan Buddhism and details the spiritual doctrine and lineages of religious teachers in Tibet. This chapter belongs to Book 14 (Great Compassion Cycle).

Chapter 1 - Shri System (iv): Srupa rdo rje rgyal po

His disciple sru pa rdo rje rgyal po: he was a native of sru yul sgang. From the age of seven, he mastered writing and reading. Once an upāsaka who had gone for fasting to nying phug, gave him some food, which was left by the Teacher and some holy water for ablution. The boy was filled with a desire to go, and proceeded into the presence of nying phug pa.

The later said about him:

This child will become the successor of the son of the Jina.

He then took the boy on his lap and seemed pleased. Then he ordained him, and bestowed on him the vows, from the upāsaka vows up to those of the final monastic ordination.

He then mastered the Vinaya Sutra[1688] Afterwards he requested that he might be permitted to fast till his death. The Teacher became pleased, and presented him with an image of Avalokiteśvara made of crystal on which Candradhvaja used to meditate. He continued his fast and meditation for five full years, and had a vision of Ārya Avalokiteśvara. One night he saw in a dream himself alone surrounded by many Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, who included Amitābha. Bhaissajyaguíu [Bhaisajyaguru?] and others, speaking among themselves: We shall adopt as son one who is the most pleasing among us. Among the retinue there was a young child of white complexion who said: During seventeen existences he had established a Karmic bond with me. He is my son! He then saw rays of light filling him, and woke up from his dream. When he was about to die, zhang stop dgra 'jigs took over the abbot’s chair, and he passed away. After the cremation, many images of the Great Merciful One (Mahākaruṇika), and many other relics were recovered (from the ashes).

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