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The Sanskrit term Aśeṣabāhya can be transliterated into English as Asesabahya or Asheshabahya, using the IAST transliteration scheme (?).

In Hinduism

Yoga (school of philosophy)

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Source: ORA: Amanaska (king of all yogas): A Critical Edition and Annotated Translation by Jason Birch

Aśeṣabāhya (अशेषबाह्य) refers to “everything (that is) external”, according to sources such as the Candrāvalokana and the Anubhavanivedanastotra.—Accordingly, while describing the the highest reality through the practice of Śāmbhavī Mudrā: “[...] [The Yogin’s] eyes are half open, his mind steady and his gaze placed at the tip of the nose. Even his moon and sun have dissolved and his body is motionless. He goes to that supreme intensely radiant state, the highest reality, which has the appearance of light and is devoid of everything external (aśeṣabāhya-rahita). What could be spoken of here that is greater [than this]?”.

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Yoga is originally considered a branch of Hindu philosophy (astika), but both ancient and modern Yoga combine the physical, mental and spiritual. Yoga teaches various physical techniques also known as āsanas (postures), used for various purposes (eg., meditation, contemplation, relaxation).

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