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Kosha (encyclopedic lexicons)

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Source: University of Cambridge: Amarakośavivṛti

This Nepalese palm-leaf manuscript, written in Bhaktapur in 506 Nepāla Saṃvat (1386 CE), under the reign of Jayasthiti Malla (1382-1395), is the autograph of a Newari commentary, on the Amarakoṣa, by Māṇikya , a work commissioned by the minister Jayadbrahmasvāmin for the sake of his son. The work doesn't seem to have a clearly identifiable title: the author clearly gives Vivṛti as the title, but at the same time he defines his commentary both as ṭīkā and ṭippaṇī; moreover, in the final rubric the work is called Amarakośa-naipālabhāṣāṭippanī.

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Kosha (कोश, kośa) refers to Sanskrit lexicons intended to provide additional information regarding technical terms used in religion, philosophy and the various sciences (shastra). The oldest extant thesaurus (kosha) dates to the 4th century AD.

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