Philosophy of language in the Five Nikayas

by K.T.S. Sarao | 2013 | 141,449 words

This page relates ‘Scope of Research’ of the study of the Philosophy of language in the Five Nikayas, from the perspective of linguistics. The Five Nikayas, in Theravada Buddhism, refers to the five books of the Sutta Pitaka (“Basket of Sutra”), which itself is the second division of the Pali Tipitaka of the Buddhist Canon (literature).

4. Scope of Research

The topic entitled “Philosophy of Language in the Five Nikāyas” clearly outlines the scope of this study. The present research work has focused on the critical study of the philosophy of language as reflected in the Five Nikāyas. It seeks to examine the nature of their relationship and to critically evaluate other direct and indirect premises, postulates or references in the Five Nikāyas. In doing so, the study aims at examining the nature of philosophy of language and its relationship as well as language and thought on the basis of a critical examination of the text.

In the scope of this research, the thesis therefore brings under focus the notions of philosophy of language exhibited in the Five Nikāyas. The survey is thus confined to the texts of these Collections only.

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