Early Chola Temples

by S. R. Balasubrahmanyam | 1960 | 105,501 words

This volume of Chola Temples covers Parantaka I to Rajaraja I in the timeframe A.D. 907-985. The Cholas of Southern India left a remarkable stamp in the history of Indian architecture and sculpture. Besides that, the Chola dynasty was a successful ruling dynasty even conquering overseas regions....

Inscriptional References

Temples of Sundara Chola’s Time

1. Kodumbalur—Tiruchy district, Muvarkoyil:

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2. Kamarasavalli—Tiruchy district, Karkotakesvara temple:

Madras Epi. Report, nos. 61-95 of 1914.

3. Tindivanam—-South Arcot district, Tintrinisvara temple:

Madras Epi. Report, nos. 141-146 of 1900.
Madras Epi. Report, nos. 204-218 of 1902.
Madras Epi. Report, nos. 30-35 of 1905.

4. VelachcheriChingleput district:

(i) Saptamatrika (Selliyamman) temple.
(ii) Dandisvara temple.
Madras Epi. Report nos. 302-317 of 1911.

5. Minjur—Chingleput district, Varadaraja Perumal temple.

Madras Epi. Report nos. 133-134 of 1916.

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