Ravan Sanhita (Ravana-samhita)

author: Swami Premanand
edition: 2018, D.P.B. Publications
pages: 755
language: English
Topic: Jyotisha

Summary: This is the English translation of the Ravana-samhita is a book on Hindu astrology (jyotisha) authored by Ravana: the infamous king of ancient Lanka and an important figure in the epic Ramayana.

The Ravana-samhita is alternatively spelled as Rāvaṇa-saṃhitā (रावण-संहिता) or Ravan-Sanhita. This is the English translation of the Sanskrit text by Swami Premanand and Bharti Agrawal.

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For better understanding and to achieve the best results from I this holy book, a proper and deep knowledge about the psychology and philosophy of its orignal writter Ravan is a must. Nobody can achieve the best results from this oldest scientific book, without knowing the Raksh civilization and Ravan. The followers of the raksh civilization were called rakshash. Ravan was the most powerful king of the raksh civilization, so we say him raksraj. But Ravan was neither a demon nor a devil, he was the most shining star of raksh culture, and civilization. Ravan was not only a great warlord and the most powerful king, but he was also 4: a great philosopher and psychologist. Doing regular hard work to achieve the deepest knowledge of both civilizations was his hobby. This book is a fruit of the hard labour done by Ravan in the fields of palmistry, numerology and numinous.
In Tretayug, there were two main civilizations in India. Arya "I civilizations was some more advanced and bigger than Raksh J. civilization. Followers of Arya civilization are known as Aryan, those we are. Ram is the most shining star of the Arya civilization. Ram defeated Ravan, so we believe that Ram was a Avtar of God Vishnu. The great war between Ram and Ravan, was not a war between two persons or to groups, it was the war between two great civilizations. This great 'War was not only an incident, but was a well planed game of Aryans, in which the Aryans were not only get victory, but also destroyed the raksh civilization.

Available pages:

[Ravan (Ravana): birth and his life]

Contents of this online book (index):

The full text of the Ravan Sanhita (Ravana-samhita) in English can be quickly summarized in the following table of contents. Becaue these pages are not available to read online, I would recommend you buy the book.

Science of Mantras [link]
Ganesha Mantra [link]
Kaali-Sadhana [link]
Tara-Sadhana [link]
Mahavidhya-Sadhana (Tripursundari) [link]
Yaksini-Sadhana [link]
Bhuvaneshwari-Sadhana [link]
Bala-Sadhana [link]
Bhairavi-Sadhana [link]
Chhinnamasta-Sadhana [link]
Dhumavati-Sadhana [link]
Annapurna-Sadhana [link]
Bagala-Sadhana [link]
Matangi-Sadhana [link]
Kamla (Lakshmi) Sadhana [link]
Ashtanayika sadhana [link]
Mantra of the nine Planets [link]
Different Mantra [link]
Experiments for Sarva-Shanti [link]
Mantra to get rid of disease [link]
Maran karma experiment [link]
Experiment-Uchchatan Karma [link]
Experiment Mohan karma [link]
Experiment-Akarshan Karma [link]
Experiment-Vasheekaran Karat [link]
Experiment-Vidveshan karma [link]
Experiment-Stambham Karma [link]
Mantra-Knowledge of birds vowel [link]
Eliminate all Problems van Durga Mantra [link]
Mantra of agiya baital [link]
Mantra to achieve desired work (Muslim) [link]
Mantra for control of vision [link]
One mantra for three work [link]
Mantra to achieve ten work [link]
Mantra to stop heating [link]
Mantra to attract a dead person [link]
Mantra to attract preit [link]
Remedies for malefic Planets [link]
Some result giving mantra [link]
Study of Tantra [link]
Shanti-Tantra [link]
Roots-Eliminate malefic effect of Planets Tantra [link]
Bath with roots Tantra [link]
Metal ring for Planets [link]
Gem Tantra [link]
Gem-Use Result Method [link]
Ring and Stones in Tantra [link]
Gems, friendly to Planets [link]
Gems and its field of effectiveness [link]
Gems enemy to each other [link]
Infatuation-Tantra [link]
Stammbhan Tantra [link]
Vidveshan Tantra [link]
Uchchatan Tantra [link]
Maran Tantra [link]
Kalpa Tantra [link]
Tantra-for living being [link]
Sadhana Tantra [link]
Haazraat Tantra (Muslim Tantra) [link]
Deep Daan Tantra [link]
Saanthiya Tantra [link]
Tantra Shastra [link]
Tantra to eliminate disease [link]
Dakshinavart-Shankha Kalp [link]
Vasheekaran aur totka [link]
Various Miraculous and effective experiments [link]
Science of Yantras [link]
Yantra to subjugate [link]
Uchchatan or method of kill [link]
Yantras to eliminate evil spirits [link]
Yantras for peace and beneficial [link]

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