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1927 | 11,233,916 words

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Vaahana Veera

Vemaraju Narasimha Rao


Ravindra Bharathi, that day, was jam-packed, brimming with people.  After the then Director turned the national theatre into a Government function hall, it was very rare that the hall was bursting at seams like that. And, why not! That was the prize distribution function. All over the area were parked vehicles of all makes–cars, scooters, motor cycles and cycles and numerous lorries outside the compound. Blazing on their s were slogans like, “Telugu Talli”, “King of the Road”, “Buri nazarwala, teri mooh kala” and “Maar muntha, chod chintha”.

The Secretary of the Committee was eloquently carrying on.–
“…. and that is why, this is a very good day for all of us. We should be highly indebted to our Managing Director who conceived such a brilliant idea as this, which is of interest to all vehicle drivers.

“During the last ten years, the vehicular traffic on our roads has increased more than ten-fold. The number of vehicles has gone up so much that at some places it is highly difficult even to walk on the roads. As I was saying, our institution has decided to identify and felicitate suitably the expert driver and the vehicle- that may be any vehicle- with tact and speed and comes first unscathed through this chaotic traffic from Charminar to the Ravindra Bharathi and award him with the title of VAAHANA VEERA and a cash prize of Rs. 25,000.

“We have ourselves made arrangements to monitor the traffic between both these points from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon. I would now humbly request the Hon Chief Guest to do us the favour of declaring the prizewinner and awarding the prize.”
Shouts, catcalls, and whistles.

*                      *                      *

The Hon Minister adjusted his throat, catching hold of the mike.
“I congratulate the institution and its management for coming up with this novel programme which aims to ease the traffic and speed up the movement of vehicles on our narrow and very old roads laid many decades .

“On this occasion, I have an important information to share with you. Before I became a Minister, no, even before I entered the politics, I was riding on my bicycle with milk cans on either side -and in the front and also- through our narrow lanes and bylanes. So, I am not unaware of the traffic problems that our city is facing. This gives me greater joy in announcing the winner.

“ The winner-who inauoweered his vehicle from the Charminar to the Ravindra Bharathi, over-taking even busses, and lorries, cars, trucks, rickshaws and auto-rickshaws- and arrived fastest deserves our special appreciation. The vehicle is the cycle- our City’s very own vehicle! And the winner is the young, dashing and brave Chakrala Rajesh Yadav! We are all proud of his achievement!!”

The auditorium resounded with the shouts, claps, whistles.
*                      *                      *

Yes we have entered into the 21st Century. And, we have identified the fastest surface vehicle of the future.

(Translated by the author from his original Telugu)

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