Tiruvaymoli (Thiruvaimozhi): English translation

by S. Satyamurthi Ayyangar | 388,514 words

This is the English translation of the Tiruvaymoli (or, Thiruvaimozhi): An ancient Tamil text consisting of 1102 verses which were sung by the poet-saint Nammalvar as an expression of his devotion to Vishnu. Hence, it is an important devotional book in Vaishnavism. Nammalvar is one of the twelve traditional saints of Tamil Nadu (Southern India), kn...

Tamil text and transliteration:

தகவிலை தகவிலையே நீ கண்ணா! தடமுலை புணர் தொறும் புணர்ச்சிக்குஆராச்
சுகவெள்ளம் விசும்புஇறந்து அறிவை மூழ்கச்- சூழ்ந்து அதுகனவுஎன நீங்கி ஆங்கே
அகஉயிர் அகம்அகம்தோறும் உள்புக்கு ஆவியின் பரம்அல்ல வேட்கை அந்தோ
மிகமிக இனி உன்னைப் பிரிவைஆமால் வீவ நின் பசுநிரை மேய்க்கப் போக்கே.

takavilai takavilaiyē nī kaṇṇā! taṭamulai puṇar toṟum puṇarccikkuārāc
cukaveḷḷam vicumpuiṟantu aṟivai mūḻkac- cūḻntu atukaṉavueṉa nīṅki āṅkē
akauyir akamakamtōṟum uḷpukku āviyiṉ paramalla vēṭkai antō
mikamika iṉi uṉṉaip pirivaiāmāl vīva niṉ pacunirai mēykkap pōkkē.

English translation of verse 10.3.2:

Oh, Kaṇṇa, indeed You are devoid of grace;
When my breasts are locked in Your sweet embrace,
Every moment is a spate of bliss which soars
Much beyond the skies and my sense it blurs;
But then it passes like a dream and does my desire induce,
Which thro’ the vital pores of my life does pierce
And far exceeds the potential of my soul, alas!
Lest you should from us be apart, every now and then,
Desist You should from grazing the cows, please listen.


(i) Just to placate the love-intoxicated Gopīs, Śrī Kṛṣṇa repeatedly embraced them. Pleasurable in the extreme though, it only aggravated their misery, as they were tormented by the almost immediate prospect of separation from Him. It is this grief that is voiced forth now.

(ii) Finding that attempts, made by Him to pacify the Gopīs, have only intensified their grief, He asks them what exactly they want Him to do. Pat comes the request from them that He should no more follow the cattle to the grazing meadows and leave them alone.

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