Sushruta Samhita, volume 1: Sutrasthana

by Kaviraj Kunja Lal Bhishagratna | 1907 | 148,756 words

This current book, the Sutra-sthana (english translation), is the first part of this voluminous medical work. It contains a large summary of the knowledge envelopig the medical aspects of Ayurveda. Descriptions of diseases, various diets and drugs, the duties of a surgeon, surgical procedures, medical training; these are only some of the numerous s...

15) Shamipatra yantra;
16) Shalaka yantra;
17) Sharapunka mukha;
18) Sinhamukha-yantra;
19) Shvanamukha yantra;
20) Shanku yantra;
21) Snuhi yantra;
22) Tala yantra;
23) Tarakshu-mukha;
24) Vrikamukha yantra;
25) Vrinaprakshalana yantra;
26) Vyaghramukha yantra
27) Yugmashanku yantra;
28) Yonyavekshana yantra;

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