Sanatkumara Samhita

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The is is the english translation of the Sanatkumara Samhita. Sanatkumara in Sanskrit means “eternal youth”. Sage Sanatkumara was one of the Four Kumaras, the four Manasputras (mind-born-sons) or spiritual sons of Brahma. Sanatkumara is also the author of the Sanatkumara Samhita, which is part of the Shiva Purana, and has 59 chapters. Alternative ...

Sanskrit text and Unicode transliteration:

इत्य् एवं सर्वम् आख्यातं यत् ते रुद्र हृदि स्थितम्
कथयस्व ममेदनीं किम् अन्यत् श्रोतुम् इच्छसि

ity evaṃ sarvam ākhyātaṃ yat te rudra hṛdi sthitam
kathayasva mamedanīṃ kim anyat śrotum icchasi

Word-for-word Sanskrit-English equivalents:

iti—thus; evam—thus; sarvam—all; ākhyātam—told; yat—what; te—to you; rudraO Śiva; hṛdi—in the heart; sthitam—staying; kathayasva—please tell; mama—to Me; īdanīm—now; kim—hat?; anyat—more; śrotum—to hear; icchasi—you desire.

English translation of verse:

Thus I have told you everything. O Śiva, speak what is in your heart. What more do you wish to hear?

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