Katyayana-smriti [sanskrit]

by Manmatha Nath Dutt | 2006 | 9,945 words | ISBN-10: 8171102794

The Sanskrit edition of the Katyayana-smriti referencing the English translation and grammatical analysis. The Katyayana-smriti is one of the minor works on Dharmashastra as mentioned in the Yajnavalkya-smriti. Katyayana is the author of a clear and full treatise on law and also wrote on grammar and other subjects. Alternative titles: Kātyāyanasmṛti (कात्यायनस्मृतिः), Kātyāyana-smṛti (कात्यायन-स्मृति).

vaseyurdaśa varṣāṇi pṛthagdharmāḥ pṛthakkriyāḥ |
bhrātaraste'pi vijñeyā vibhaktāḥ paitṛkāddhanāt || 1 [893] ||
[Analyze grammar]

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