Chaitanya Bhagavata

by Bhumipati Dāsa | 2008 | 1,349,850 words

The Chaitanya Bhagavata 1.7.159, English translation, including a commentary (Gaudiya-bhasya). This text is similair to the Caitanya-caritamrita and narrates the pastimes of Lord Caitanya, proclaimed to be the direct incarnation of Krishna (as Bhagavan) This is verse 159 of Adi-khanda chapter 7—“Shri Vishvarupa Takes Sannyasa”.

Bengali text, Devanagari and Unicode transliteration of verse 1.7.159:

এই-মত দিন-রাত্রি ত্রিদশের রায শিশু-গণ-সঙ্গে ক্রীডা করেন সর্বদায ॥ ১৫৯ ॥

एइ-मत दिन-रात्रि त्रिदशेर राय शिशु-गण-सङ्गे क्रीडा करेन सर्वदाय ॥ १५९ ॥

ei-mata dina-rātri tridaśera rāya śiśu-gaṇa-saṅge krīḍā karena sarvadāya || 159 ||

ei-mata dina-ratri tridasera raya sisu-gana-sange krida karena sarvadaya (159)

English translation:

(159) In this way Tridaśa Rāya played continually day and night with His friends.

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