Matrika (Harati)

Image title: Matrika (Harati)

Description of the photo

This terra cotta sculpture shows an image of Matrika (Harati), from the 1st century A.D.—This image of Matrika is one of the earliest images ever found in Nepal. She appears seated in a European fashion with her knees wide apart. Both hands are placed on the knees. Heavy earrings and anklets have made the image distinct and different than that of others.

Matrika (Harati) can also be spelled as Mātṛkā Hāratī (मातृका हारती).

Gallery information:

The National Museum of Nepal (Rashtriya Museum) houses a variety of sculptures, carvings, statues, paintings and other objects grouped according to the major religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. This photo is from the Hindu terra cotta (mrinmaya-kala) sculpture section.

Photo details:
Date: 2019-11-29
Camera: SONY ILCE-6400
Exposure: 1/30
Aperture: f/3.5
ISO: 100
Focal length: 18mm

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