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Source: BuddhaSasana: Concise Pali-English Dictionary

yācayoga : (adj.) accessible to begging; ready to comply with another's request.

Source: Sutta: The Pali Text Society's Pali-English Dictionary

Yācayoga refers to: (y. +*yogga; perhaps yāja° the original. The variant yājayoga is old & well established: cp. Vism. 224) accessible to begging, one ready to comply with another’s request, devoted to liberality, open-handed. frequent in ster. phrase mutta-cāga payata-pāṇī vossaggarata yāca-yoga dāna-saṃvibhāga-rata to denote great love of liberality, e.g. at A. I, 226; II, 66; III, 313. See also A. III, 53, 313=Vism. 223, 224 (where explained as follows: yaṃ yaṃ pare yācanti tassa tassa dānato yācanayogo ti attho; yājayogo ti pi pāṭho; yājana-saṅkhātena yājena yutto ti attho); A. IV, 6, 266 sq. 271, 284; V, 331, 336; Sn. p. 87 (cp. explanation SnA 414: “yācituṃ yutto, yo hi yācake disvā bhakuṭiṃ katvā pharusavacan’ādīni bhanati, so na yācayogo hoti” etc.); Sn. 487, 488, 489, 509; J. III, 307 (explained in C. as “yaṃ yaṃ āgantukā yācanti tassa tassa yutto anucchaviko bhavitvā, sabbaṃ tehi yācita-yācitaṃ dadamāno ti attho”); IV, 274 (“yācitabba-yuttaka” C.); VI, 98 (=yācana-yuttaka or yañña-yuttaka; “ubhayath’âpi dāyakass’ev’etaṃ nāma” C.); Miln. 215, 225.—The form yājayoga at Sn. 1046 (explained at Nd2 531 as “yāje yutta”); and mentioned at Vism. 224 (see above). ‹-› On diff. meaning of yācayoga see Kern, Toev. s. v. with unidentified ref. Cp. also Mvyut. 140, 4. (Page 552)

Note: yācayoga is a Pali compound consisting of the words yāca and yoga.

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