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Vrajavallabha (व्रजवल्लभ).—epithets of Kṛṣṇa.

Derivable forms: vrajavallabhaḥ (व्रजवल्लभः).

Vrajavallabha is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms vraja and vallabha (वल्लभ). See also (synonyms): vrajakiśora, vrajanātha, vrajamohana, vrajavara.

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Vallabha (वल्लभ).—mfn. (-bhaḥ-bhā-bhaṃ) 1. Beloved, desired, dear. 2. Supreme, superintending. ...
Vraja (व्रज).—m. (-jaḥ) 1. A cow-pen, a station of cowherds. 2. A road. 3. A flock, a herd, a m...
Girivraja (गिरिव्रज) or Giribbaja was an ancient capital of Magadha, one of the sixteen Mahājan...
Rāja-vallabha.—(EI 6, 9, 24; CII 4), explained as ‘a court- favourite’; a courtier. Note: rāja-...
Sarvavallabhā (सर्ववल्लभा) or Sarvvavallabhā.—f. (-bhā) A disloyal or unchaste woman. E. sarva ...
Viṣṇuvallabha (विष्णुवल्लभ).—mfn. (-bhaḥ-bhā-bhaṃ) Beloved by Vishnu. f. (-bhā) 1. A plant, (Ec...
Bhogivallabha (भोगिवल्लभ).—n. (-bhaṃ) Sandal. E. bhogin a snake, vallabha beloved.
Govraja (गोव्रज).—A soldier of Skandadeva. (Śloka 66, Chapter 45, Śalya Parva).
Harivallabha (हरिवल्लभ) is the father of Kumāramaṇi (1703 C.E.): an author of prosody who belon...
Vraja-bhūmi.—(IE 8-4), grazing land. Note: vraja-bhūmi is defined in the “Indian epigraphical g...
Śivavallabha (शिववल्लभ).—mfn. (-bhaḥ-bhā-bhaṃ) Loved or esteemed by Siva. m. (-bhaḥ) 1. The man...
Vrajājira (व्रजाजिर).—n. (-raṃ) A cow-yard, a cattle-fold or pen. E. vraja, ajira a yard.
Nṛpavallabha (नृपवल्लभ).—mfn. (-bhaḥ-bhā-bhaṃ) 1. A king’s friend. 2. A prepared oil or ghee co...
Alivallabha (अलिवल्लभ).—= °प्रिय (priya) q. v.Derivable forms: alivallabhaḥ (अलिवल्लभः).Alivall...
Vārivallabhā (वारिवल्लभा).—Batatas Paniculata (Mar. bhuīkohāḷī). Vārivallabhā is a Sanskrit com...

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