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Source: Manblunder: Importance of Breathing

Svara Yoga explains how prāṇa can be utilized by us for all auspicious purposes. Iḍa nāḍi is the left nostril and piṅgala nāḍi is the right nostril. The third and most important one, yet highly subtle in nature through which prāṇa traverses is citriṇi nāḍi which is in the middle of suṣumna nāḍi or the spinal cord. When inhalation is made through our left nostril, the body cools down and that is why iḍa nāḍi is also known as Chandra nāḍi. When inhalation is made through piṅgala nāḍi, body becomes warm as it represents the sun nad is also known as sūrya nāḍi. These nāḍi's are also called Śakti and Śiva nāḍi's respectively. Ardhanārīśvara from of Śiva is based on this concept.

Svara Yoga is in the form of conversation between Shiva and His Consort Pārvatī. In that Shiva says, “स्वरः साक्षात्महेश्वरः॥svaraḥ sākṣātmaheśvaraḥ ||” This means breathing is nothing but Shiva. But, in order to realize Him through breathing, Shiva Himself revealed the procedure through Svara Yoga. This is also known as “इदं स्वरोदयं शास्त्रं idaṃ svarodayaṃ śāstraṃ”.

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