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The Sanskrit term Śiśupālavadhaparva can be transliterated into English as Sisupalavadhaparva or Shishupalavadhaparva, using the IAST transliteration scheme (?).

In Hinduism

Purana and Itihasa (epic history)

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Śiśupālavadhaparva (शिशुपालवधपर्व).—A Sub-Parva of Sabhā Parva, Chapter 40-45.

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The Purana (पुराण, purāṇas) refers to Sanskrit literature preserving ancient India’s vast cultural history, including historical legends, religious ceremonies, various arts and sciences. The eighteen mahapuranas total over 400,000 shlokas (metrical couplets) and date to at least several centuries BCE.

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