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Source: Dhamma Dana: The 13 Ascetic Practices of Buddhist Monks

One of the Thirteen Dhutaygas.

The Pali word "pansukula" means "forsaken robe", that is to say a neglected dress that has been abandoned on a spot indicating that what is meant is real abandonment, such as the edge of a road, a garbage heap, etc.

"pansu" = "dust (coming from wastes or earth)"; "kula" = "jutting out (such as the bank of a river)". Literally, "pansukula" therefore means "that which comes out of dust". Indeed, such a robe is abandoned in dust, and it covers other wastes, such as the dust itself. According to another method, "pansukula" can be decomposed as follows: "pansu" = "such as the dust"; " = "disgust"; "ula" = "to arrive". In this case, "pansukula" means "(robe) that arrives from a disgusting spot (such as a charnel)"

The bhikkhu who has got used to utilise only pansukula robes is called a "pansu kulika ". When this practice is conveniently carried out, backing up with sila, samadhi et panna, along with the determination of not breaking it, we say that there is "pansu kulikayga " (spirit underlying the exclusive use of abandoned robes).

Should a bhikkhu, who is about to pick up a "pansukula" robe, think that the later could have been forgotten by its owner or fell off owing to lack of attention, he must wait for two or three days prior to picking it up, if it is still there.

According to the restrictions, there do exist three kinds of practitioners of the pansukula dhutayga:

  1. ukkattha pansukulika, the noble practitioner of the pansukula dhutayga
  2. majjhima pansukulika, the intermediate practitioner of the pansukula dhutayga
  3. mudu pansukulika, the ordinary practitioner of the pansukula dhutayga

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