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Magadhapurī (मगधपुरी).—the city of Magadha.

Magadhapurī is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms magadha and purī (पुरी).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Magadha (मगध).—m. (-dhaḥ) 1. A country, South Behar. 2. An inhabitant of that country. 3. A bar...
Puri (पुरि).—f. (-riḥ or rī) 1. A town, a city. 2. A river. m. (-riḥ) A king, a sovereign. E. p...
Brahmapurī (ब्रह्मपुरी).—f. (-rī) The capital of Brahma on the mountain Kailasa. E. brahman and...
Māyāpurī (मायापुरी) is the name of an ancient city, as mentioned in the Kathāsaritsāgara, chapt...
Campāpurī (चम्पापुरी).—f. (-rī) The city Champa: see campā. E. campā and pura a city.
Māgadhapura (मागधपुर) is another name for Girivraja or Giribbaja: an ancient capital of Magadha...
Devapurī (देवपुरी).—f. an epithet of Amarāvatī, the city of Indra. Devapurī is a Sanskrit compo...
Magadhalipi (मगधलिपि).—Magadhan script, a kind of writing: LV 125.20.
Magadheśvara (मगधेश्वर).—1) a king of the Magadhas. 2) Name of Parantapa; प्राक् संनिकर्षं मगधे...
Purīmoha (पुरीमोह).—m. (-haḥ) The thorn-apple, (Dhutura): see dhustūra E. ṣurī a town and moha ...
Madhupurī (मधुपुरी).—an epithet of Mathurā; संप्रत्युज्झित- वासनं मधुपुरीमध्ये हरिः सेव्यते (sa...
Śivapurī (शिवपुरी).—Name of Vārāṇasī. Śivapurī is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms ś...
Siṃhapurī (सिंहपुरी) or Siṃhapura.—(1) °ra, n. of a city, in the Kiṃnarī Jātaka: Mv ii.95.5; 9...
dharmapurī (धर्मपुरी).—f (S) A place where Religion flourishes: also a city or place in which m...
Gopālapurī (गोपालपुरी).—As on the summit of Mount Meru are seven cities that fulfill all desire...

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