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Source: BuddhaSasana: Concise Pali-English Dictionary

khattiya : (m.) a man of the warrior caste. (adj.),to belonging Khattiyas. || khattiyā (f.), a woman of the Khattiya clan.

Source: Sutta: The Pali Text Society's Pali-English Dictionary

Khattiya, (der. fr. khatta=kṣatra “having possessions”; Sk. kṣatriya) pl. Nom. also khattiyāse J. III, 441. A shortened form is khatya J. VI, 397.—f. khattiyā A. III, 226—229, khattī D. I. 193, and khattiyī. A member of one of the clans or tribes recognised as of Aryan descent. To be such was to belong to the highest social rank. The question of such social divisions in the Buddha’s time is discussed in Dialogues I. 97—107; and it is there shown that whenever they are referred to in lists the khattiyas always come first. Khattiyo seṭṭho jane tasmiṃ D. I, 199=II. 97=M. I, 358=S. I, 153, II. 284. This favourite verse is put into the mouth of a god; and he adds that whoever is perfect in wisdom and righteousness is the best of all. On the social prestige of the khattiyas see further M. II, 150—157; III, 169; A. II, 86; S. I, 71, 93; Vin. IV, 6—10. On the religious side of the question D. III, 82; 93; M. I, 149, 177; II, 84; S. I, 98. Wealth does not come into consideration at all. Only a very small percentage of the khattiyas were wealthy in the opinion of that time and place. Such are referred to at S. I, 15. All kings and chieftains were khattiyas D. I, 69, 136; III, 44, 46, 61; A. I, 106; III, 299; IV, 259. Khattiyas are called rājāno Dhp 294, quoted Netti 165.

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