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Gabhastinemi (गभस्तिनेमि).—Name of Visnu; Mb.12.

Derivable forms: gabhastinemiḥ (गभस्तिनेमिः).

Gabhastinemi is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms gabhasti and nemi (नेमि).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Nemi (नेमि).—The real name of Daśaratha. (See under Daśaratha).
Gabhasti (गभस्ति).—mf. (-stiḥ) A ray light, a sun or moon-beam. m. (-stiḥ) The sun. f. (-stiḥ) ...
Ariṣṭanemi (अरिष्टनेमि).—m. (-miḥ) The twenty-second of the twenty-four Jaina Tirthakaras or sa...
Cakranemī (चक्रनेमी).—A woman attendant of Skandadeva. (Śalya Parva, Chapter 46, Verse 5).
Kālanemi (कालनेमि).—1) the rim of the wheel of time. 2) Name of a demon, uncle of Rāvaṇa, deput...
Bhānemi (भानेमि).—m. (-miḥ) The sun. E. bhā light, nemi circumference. “arkavṛkṣeca .”
Gabhastimat (गभस्तिमत्).—m. The sun; घनव्यपायेन गभस्तिमानिव (ghanavyapāyena gabhastimāniva) R.3...
Jitanemi (जितनेमि).—a staff made of the Aśvattha tree. Derivable forms: jitanemiḥ (जितनेमिः).Ji...
Nemitumbāra (नेमितुम्बार) or Nemītumbāra (नेमीतुम्बार).—The felly and nave; शोभनमस्य चक्रस्य ने...
Gabhastipāṇi (गभस्तिपाणि).—m., Derivable forms: gabhastipāṇiḥ (गभस्तिपाणिः).Gabhastipāṇi is a S...
Gabhastimālin (गभस्तिमालिन्).—m., Gabhastimālin is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms ...
Triṇemi (त्रिणेमि).—a. with three fellies; विचिन्वतोऽभूत् सुमहांस्त्रिणेमिः (vicinvato'bhūt sum...
Ṛkṣanemi (ऋक्षनेमि).—Name of Viṣṇu. Derivable forms: ṛkṣanemiḥ (ऋक्षनेमिः).Ṛkṣanemi is a Sanskr...
Nakṣatranemi (नक्षत्रनेमि).—1) the moon. 2) the pole-star. 3) an epithet of Viṣṇu. -miḥ f.) Re...
Samudranemi (समुद्रनेमि) or Samudranemī (समुद्रनेमी).—the earth. Derivable forms: samudranemiḥ ...

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