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Akasa Sutta, aka: Ākāsa sutta; 2 Definition(s)


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In Buddhism


1) Ākāsa, 2 (nt.?) a game, playing chess “in the air” (sans voir) Vin.II, 10 = D.I, 6 (= aṭṭhapada-dasapadesu viya ākāse yeva kiḷanaṃ DA.I, 85). (Page 93)

2) Ākāsa, 1 (Sk. ākāśa fr. ā + kāś, lit. shining forth, i. e. the illuminated space) air, sky, atmosphere; space. On the concept see Cpd. 5, 16, 226. On a fanciful etym. of ākāsa (fr. ā + kassati of kṛṣ) at DhsA.325 see Dhs.trsl. 178. ‹-› D.I, 55 (°ṃ indriyāni saṅkamanti the sense-faculties pass into space); III, 224, 253, 262, 265; S.III, 207; IV, 218; V, 49, 264; J.I, 253; II, 353; III, 52, 188; IV, 154; VI, 126; Sn.944, 1065; Nd1 428; Pv.II, 118; SnA 110, 152; PvA.93; Sdhp.42, 464. —ākāsena gacchati to go through the air PvA.75 (āgacch°), 103, 105, 162; °ena carati id. J.II, 103; °e gacchati id. PvA.65 (cando). — Formula “ananto ākāso” freq.; e. g. at D.I, 183; A.II, 184; IV, 40, 410 sq.; V, 345.

—anta “the end of the sky”, the sky, the air (on °anta see anta1 4) J.VI, 89. —ānañca (or ânañca) the infinity ef space, in cpd. °āyatana the sphere or plane of the infinity of space, the “space-infinity-plane”, the sphere of unbounded space. The consciousness of this sphere forms the first one of the 4 (or 6) higher attainments or recognitions of the mind, standing beyond the fourth jhāna, viz. (1) ākās°, (2) viññāṇ’ānañc-āyatana (3) ākiñcaññ°, (4) n’eva saññānâsaññ°, (5) nirodha, (6) phala. — D.I, 34, 183; II, 70, 112, 156; III, 224, 262 sq.; M.I, 41, 159.; III, 27, 44; S.V, 119; Ps.I, 36; Dhs.205, 501, 579, 1418; Nett 26, 39; Vism.326, 340, 453; DA.I, 120 (see Nd2 under ākāsa; Dhs.265 sq.; Dhs.trsl. 71). As classed with jhāna see also Nd2 672 (sādhu-vihārin). —kasiṇa one of the kasiṇ’āyatanas (see under kasiṇa) D.III, 268; A.I, 41. —gaṅgā N. of the celestial river J.I, 95; III, 344. —gamana going through the air (as a trick of elephants) Miln.201. —cārika walking through the air J.II, 103. —cārin = °cārika VvA.6. —ṭṭha living in the sky (of devatā) Bu I.29; Miln.181, 285; KhA 120; SnA 476. —tala upper story, terrace on the top of a palace SnA 87. —dhātu the element of space D.III, 247; M.I, 423; III, 31; A.I, 176; III, 34; Dhs.638. (Page 93)

Source: Sutta: The Pali Text Society's Pali-English Dictionary

about this context:

Pali is the language of the Tipiṭaka, which is the sacred canon of Theravāda Buddhism and contains much of the Buddha’s speech. Closeley related to Sanskrit, both languages are used interchangeably between religions.

General definition (in Buddhism)

1. Akasa Sutta - A conversation between Sariputta and Ananda at Savatthi on the attainment of and dwelling in the sphere of the infinity of space (S.iii.237). The full title of the Sutta should be Akasanancayatana.

2. Akasa Sutta - Just as divers winds blow in the sky, in different directions - hot, cool, dustless, etc. - so in the body arise divers feelings. S.iv.218.

3. Akasa Sutta - Moggallana tells the monks how he won the power of dwelling in the realm of infinite space (akasanancayatana). S.iv.266.

4. Akasa Sutta - Just as divers winds blow in the sky, so when a monk cultivates the Noble Eightfold Path, the satipatthanas, the sammappadhanas, the iddhipadas, the, indriyas, the balas and the bojjhangas reach fulfilment. S.v.49.

Source: Pali Kanon: Pali Proper Names

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