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abhiharati : (abhi + har + a) brings to; to offers.

Source: BuddhaSasana: Concise Pali-English Dictionary

Abhiharati, (abhi + harati, cp. Sk. abhyāharati & Vedic āharati & ābharati) — 1. to bring (to), to offer, fetch D.III, 170; J.I, 54, 157; III, 537; IV, 421; DA.I, 272. — 2. to curse, revile, abuse (cp. Sk. anuvyāharati & abhivyā°) A.I, 198. — Pass. abhihariyati VvA.172 (for abhiharati of Vv 3710; corresp. with ābhata VvA.172). — pp. abhihaṭa (q.v.). — Caus. abhihāreti 1. to cause to be brought, to gain, to acquire D.II, 188 = 192 = 195 Th.1, 637; J.IV, 421 (abhihārayaṃ with gloss abhibhārayiṃ). — 2. to betake oneself to, to visit, take to, go to Sn.414 (Paṇḍavaṃ °hāresi = āruhi SnA. 383), 708 (vanantaṃ abhihāraye = vanaṃ gaccheyya SnA 495); Th.2, 146 (aor. °hārayiṃ; uyyānaṃ = upanesi ThA.138). — 3. to put on (mail), only in fut. abhihessati J.IV, 92 (kavacaṃ; C. expls. wrongly by °hanissati bhindissati so evidently taking it as abhibhavissati). — 4. At J.VI, 27 kiṃ yobbanena ciṇṇena yaṃ jarā abhihessati the latter is fut. of abhibhavati (for °bhavissati) as indicated by gloss abhibhuyyati. (Page 72)

Source: Sutta: The Pali Text Society's Pali-English Dictionary
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abhihari : (aor. of abhiharati) brought to; offered.
abhiharituṃ : (inf. of abhiharati) to bring over.

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