The Indian Buddhist Iconography

by Benoytosh Bhattachacharyya | 1958 | 51,392 words | ISBN-10: 8173053138 | ISBN-13: 9788173053139

This page contains an iconography image of Time Deities: Navami and Dashami Tithis and represents figure 244-245 of the book Indian Buddhist Iconography, based on extracts of the Sadhanamala English translation. These plates and illustrations represent either photographs of sculptures or line-drawing reproductions of paintings or other representations of Buddhist artwork.

Figure 244-245 - Time Deities: Navamī and Daśamī Tithis

Fig. 244: Navamī Tithi
Fig. 245: Daśamī Tithi

The Tithis or the distances between the sun and the moon are also deified, but these cannot be properly determined in the absence of definite iconographic information. Some of these Tithis (dates) are found represented in the Chinese collection at Peiping. Figs. 224 and 245 illustrate the Navamī and Daśamī Tithis.

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