The Indian Buddhist Iconography

by Benoytosh Bhattachacharyya | 1958 | ISBN-10: 8173053138 | ISBN-13: 9788173053139

This page contains an iconography image of Bodhisattva Sarvanivaranavishkambhin and represents figure 64 of the book Indian Buddhist Iconography, based on extracts of the Sadhanamala English translation. These plates and illustrations represent either photographs of sculptures or line-drawing reproductions of paintings or other representations of Buddhist artwork.

Figure 64 - Bodhisattva Sarvanivaraṇaviṣkambhin

Figure 64: Sarvanivaraṇaviṣkambhin

Sarvanivaraṇaviṣkambhin (Sarvanivaraṇaviṣkambhiī) is the Bodhisattva who is the effacer of all sins. Two independent forms of this Bodhisattva are described in the Niṣpannayogāvalī. His colour is either blue or white and thus he is the spiritual son of Akṣobhya in one psychic school and of Vairocana in another.

Bodhisattva Sarvanivaraṇaviṣkambhin is also known by his shorter name of Viṣkambhin, and his statuettes occur at least four times in the Chinese collection. He is popular also in Tibet. Fig. 64 is a Nepalese drawing of the Bodhisattva.

Colour: white or blue;
Symbol: sword and book;