The Jataka tales [English], Volume 1-6

by Robert Chalmers | 1895 | 877,505 words | ISBN-13: 9788120807259

This is the Amaradevi-Panha (English translation) including a glossary and notes. The jatakas (buddhist birth history) are a category of literature within buddhism and narrate the previous births of the historical Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama). They include various obstacles which a Buddha-character encounters and must overcome. Alternative title: Amarādevī-Pañha.

Jataka 112: Amarādevī-Pañha

"Cakes and gruel."--This question too will be found in the same Jātaka. This is the end of the Question of Queen Amarā[1].

Footnotes and references:


Amarā was the wife of King Mahosadha; of. Milindapañho, page 205. The Bodhisatta was Mahosadha, cf. Jātaka (test) i. p. 53.

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