A Manual of Khshnoom

The Zoroastrian Occult Knowledge

by Phiroz Nasarvanji Tavaria | 1971 | 160,667 words

An introduction to the mysteries of Khshnoom, an ancient occult movement. Khshnoom stands for 'Divine' or 'Spiritual' knowledge and originated from Zarathushtra. This book contains knowledge not to be found in Zoroastrian religious works. The second part contains documentaion of the life of Prophet Zarathushtra....

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Study of Khshnoom Would
Help and Embellish
Philological Study of Avesta

"With a philological study of Avesta and Pahlavi for the last
twelve years and the 'Khshnoom' teaching of Zoroastrianism for
the last ten years, I have been able to see that the philological
study of Avesta merely procures the shells for the student whereas
Khshnoom inserts the original kernel necessary to make the whole
nut. I have seen with great precisian that the philological study of
the Avesta would be greatly helped and embellished if it were
helped by the Khshnoom line of study at the same time. The
present attitude of study of Avesta is philology and conjectural
speculation of philosophy which should be replaced by philology
and Khshnoom - the original key to the Zoroastrian philosophy."

- "Zoroastrianism, Ancient and Modern"
(p. xii) - Ervad P. S. Masani.

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