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The Chronicle of The Kings of Norway

Part 30 - Olaf's Journey From Vindland

Olaf Trygvason was three years in Vindland (A.D. 982-984) when Geira his queen fell sick, and she died of her illness. Olaf felt his loss so great that he had no pleasure in Vindland after it. He provided himself, therefore, with warships, and went out again a plundering, and plundered first in Frisland, next in Saxland, and then all the way to Flaemingjaland (Flanders).

So says Halfred Vandredaskald: —

"Olaf's broad axe of shining steel
For the shy wolf left many a meal.
The ill-shaped Saxon corpses lay
Heaped up, the witch-wife's horses' [1] prey.
She rides by night: at pools of blood.
Where Frisland men in daylight stood,
Her horses slake their thirst, and fly
On to the field where Flemings lie.
The raven-friend in Odin's dress —
Olaf, who foes can well repress,
Left Flemish flesh for many a meal
With his broad axe of shining steel."

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Footnotes and references:


Ravens were the witches' horses. — L.

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