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Bhagavati-sutra (Viyaha-pannatti) [...] Part 10
Update, 25 April, 2023: 196. The Vāṇavyantaras, the Jyotiṣkas and the Vaimānikas are similar to the... »»

Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Caritra [...] Part 12: Plot of the co-wives
Update, 15 April, 2023: Her co-wives, jealous and scheming, said to her, “What did Rāvaṇa look like... »»

Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Caritra [...] Part 9: Story of the seven ascetic-brothers
Update, 15 April, 2023: Now seven sons were born in succession to Dhāraṇī, wife of Śrīnandana, lord... »»

Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Caritra [...] Part 8: Śatrughna’s former births
Update, 15 April, 2023: “Śatrughna’s jīva was born in Mathurā many times. He became a Brāhman, Śrīd... »»

Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Caritra [...] Part 5: Bharata’s previous births
Update, 14 April, 2023: “In the past four thousand kings became mendicants with Nābhi’s son. They a... »»

Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Caritra [...] Part 3: Reunion of Rāma and Sītā
Update, 14 April, 2023: After hearing that, Kumbhakarṇa, Indrajit, Meghavāhana and others, Mandodar... »»

Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Caritra [...] Part 4: Cure of Lakṣmaṇa
Update, 13 April, 2023: Now, a certain Vidyādhara approached Bhāmaṇḍala, who was guard at the east ... »»

Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Caritra [...] Part 3: War between the Rākṣasas and Vānaras
Update, 13 April, 2023: Raghūdvaha spent eight days in Haṃsadvīpa and set out, attended by an army,... »»

Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Caritra [...] Part 5: Search for Sītā
Update, 11 April, 2023: Now Rāma passed some time somehow or other, comforted by Saumitri, sufferin... »»

Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Caritra [...] Part 3: Attempts to seduce Sītā
Update, 10 April, 2023: Ṇow, in the city Laṅkā Mandodarī and the other women of Rāvaṇa’s palace lam... »»

Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Caritra [...] Part 2: Sāhasagati as a false Sugrīva
Update, 10 April, 2023: Now the vidyā Pratāraṇī was subdued in a cave of Mt. Himavat by Sāhasagati ... »»

Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Caritra [...] Part 9: Story of Jaṭāyus
Update, 10 April, 2023: One day two flying ascetics, Trigupta and Sugupta, came through the air at ... »»

Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Caritra [...] Part 8: Story of Kulabhūṣaṇa and Deśabhūṣaṇa
Update, 10 April, 2023: Rāma set out in the night and at evening readied a town, Vaṃśasthala, situa... »»

Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Caritra [...] Part 6: Story of Vanamālā
Update, 10 April, 2023: Jānakī, Rāma, and Lakṣmaṇa, traveling day by day, having left the forest, r... »»

Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Caritra [...] Part 5: Episode of Kapila
Update, 31 October, 2022: After he had crossed the Tāpī, as he advanced Rāma came to a village, Aruṇa... »»

Jain Science and Spirituality [...] Chapter 7
Update, 23 September, 2022: We are here to find the answers; questions of which originate from the dept... »»

Jain Science and Spirituality [...] 6.5. Ego and Purpose of Religion
Update, 23 September, 2022: Who is man to go against the natural laws? Is it man’s ego that compels him... »»

Jain Science and Spirituality [...] 6.4. Individuality, Freedom, Happiness and Courage
Update, 23 September, 2022: Today’s religious format (be it any) focuses on killing the individuality. ... »»

Jain Science and Spirituality [...] 6.3. Tirthankara as First Handers
Update, 23 September, 2022: When we contemplate about the Teerthankaras [Tirthankaras], it becomes clea... »»

Jain Science and Spirituality [...] 6.2. Spirituality and Individuality
Update, 23 September, 2022: Though today most people claim that they want everyone to be happy but what... »»

Jain Science and Spirituality [...] 6.1. Emancipation (Moksha)—Introduction
Update, 23 September, 2022: No one on the planet has experienced liberation and if someone has, he is n... »»

Jain Science and Spirituality [...] 5.6. Place of Deities
Update, 23 September, 2022: Will negating the existence of god falls into the category of pessimist or ... »»

Jain Science and Spirituality [...] 5.5. Theism and Atheism
Update, 23 September, 2022: ‘The convenience of belief in theism is winding up increasingly doubtful no... »»

Jain Science and Spirituality [...] 5.4. Purpose of Temples
Update, 23 September, 2022: ‘Jainism does not acknowledge the idea of a God who made the universe and w... »»

Jain Science and Spirituality [...] 5.3. Godhood and the Universe
Update, 23 September, 2022: Many people call Jainism a way of life and not a religion. Though rare are ... »»

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