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1927 | 11,233,916 words

Triveni is a journal dedicated to ancient Indian culture, history, philosophy, art, spirituality, music and all sorts of literature. Triveni was founded at Madras in 1927 and since that time various authors have donated their creativity in the form of articles, covering many aspects of public life....

The Swan-Boat

(Tr.) Nolini Kanta Gupta (A Bengali Poem by Sahana Devi

(Translated by Nolini Kanta Gupta from the original poem in Bengali)

The swan-boat
On its two wings–its twin oars–
Moves afar–towards the far
Where the last shade of the horizon
Fades away into the bright bosom of the Void.

Where is the Path, where the Shore?
Only a vast unbounded expanse–
A calm sea of blue, veilless, stainless,
Engulfing the horizon's belt, spreading out
Tranquil and steady within its own self eternally.
And below, all along,
The swan-boat moves on its two wings–its twin oars.

Seated in her frozen light,
Drowned in her dreams, the moon sails
In the Night, bereft of sense.
Bewitched by the toxic gleam.

Whose is the gathering lustre?
At His feet Night’s hushed soul lies prone and immobile:
Her veil withdrawn, she bids farewell,
As the last ferry comes along the shore.

The Unseen
Breaks through the barriers, comes nearer:
A guarded secret signal peeps out
On a pregnant moment’s brink.

He at the helm–
The swan-boat moves slowly onward
On its two wings–its twin oars.

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