Varahi Tantra (English Study)

by Roberta Pamio | 2014 | 29,726 words

This English essay studies the Varahi Tantra and introduces the reader to the literature and philosophy of the Shakta Tradition to which this text belongs. These Shakta Tantras are doctrines where the Mother Goddess is conceived as the Supreme deity who is immanent and transcendental at the same time. The Varahitantra (lit. the "Doctrine of th...

Chapter 35 - The Yoginī-nyāsa and the Ṣoḍha-nyāsa of Sundarīvārāhīkālī

In this chapter are given the Yoginīnyāsa and the Ṣoḍhanyāsa of Sundarīvārāhīkālī and the instructions to perform a fire sacrifice (homapaddhati).

The nyāsas are presented in the form of mantras and rarely in verses, which we count to be twenty-four; the homapaddhati is instead entirely exposed in prose.

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