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Verse 3.12

उत्पत्तिमायतिं स्थानं विभुत्वं चैव पञ्चधा ।
अध्यात्मं चैव प्राणस्य विज्ञायामृतमश्नुते विज्ञायामृतमश्नुत इति ॥ १२ ॥

utpattimāyatiṃ sthānaṃ vibhutvaṃ caiva pañcadhā |
adhyātmaṃ caiva prāṇasya vijñāyāmṛtamaśnute vijñāyāmṛtamaśnuta iti || 12 ||

12. Knowing the birth, the coming, the staying, and the five-fold sovereignty of Prâna and its stay in the body, one attains immortality; one attains immortality.


Shankara’s Commentary:

Com.—Birth] from the Paramâtman. Coming] coming into this body, by the activity of the mind. Staying] in the lower apertures and other places. Five-fold sovereignty] the posting, as by a sovereign, of the different aspects of Prana, in five forms. Its external manifestation] as the sun, &c. Within the-body] as eye, &c. Knowing Prâna thus one attains immortality (relative).



॥ इति प्रश्नोपनिषदि तृतीयः प्रश्नः ॥

|| iti praśnopaniṣadi tṛtīyaḥ praśnaḥ ||

Here ends the Third Prasna.


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