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Verse 3.11

य एवं विद्वान्प्राणं वेद । न हास्य प्रजा हीयतेऽमृतो भवति तदेष श्लोकः ॥ ११ ॥

ya evaṃ vidvānprāṇaṃ veda | na hāsya prajā hīyate'mṛto bhavati tadeṣa ślokaḥ || 11 ||

11. The learned man who knows Prâna thus—of his offspring there is break and he becomes immortal; there is the following verse.


Shankara’s Commentary:

Com.—Of the learned man who knows Prâna thus i.e., with these attributes already described, about his birth, etc., the following fruits, both here and hereafter, are pointed out. The offspring, i.e., the son, the grandson, etc., of this knower, do not suffer break in continuity, and when the body falls having become one with Prâna, he becomes immortal (in a relative sense). The following verse (slôka) briefly explains this purport.

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