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Kārikā, verse 1.24

The following verses explain the foregoing Upaniṣadic texts:—

ओंकारं पादशो विद्यात्पादा मात्रा न संशयः ।
ओंकारं पादशो ज्ञात्वा न किंचिदपि चिन्तयेत् ॥ २४ ॥

oṃkāraṃ pādaśo vidyātpādā mātrā na saṃśayaḥ |
oṃkāraṃ pādaśo jñātvā na kiṃcidapi cintayet || 24 ||

24. (The meaning of) Aumkāra should he known quarter by quarter. There is no doubt that quarters are the same sounds (letters). Having grasped the (meaning of) Aumkāra nothing else should be thought of.


Śaṅkara’s Commentary

Here are, as before, the following verses:—

Aumkāra should be known along with the quarters; for the quarters1 are identical with sounds (letters) because of their common features described before. Having2 thus understood Aumkāra, no other object, seen or unseen, should be thought of; for, the knower of Aumkāra has all his desires fulfilled.


Ānandagiri’s Ṭīkā (glossary):

1 Quarters—īt is because the quarters of Ātman are identified with the sounds (letters) of Aum. Therefore Aum should be medicated upon as Ātman.

2 Having, etc.—That is, by realising Aum as Brahman.

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