Jnaneshwari (Bhavartha Dipika)

by Ramchandra Keshav Bhagwat | 1954 | 284,137 words | ISBN-10: 8185208123 | ISBN-13: 9788185208121

This is verse 13.10 of the Jnaneshwari (Bhavartha-Dipika), the English translation of 13th-century Marathi commentary on the Bhagavad-Gita.—The Dnyaneshwari (Jnaneshwari) brings to light the deeper meaning of the Gita which represents the essence of the Vedic Religion. This is verse 10 of the chapter called Kshetra and Kshetrajna Yoga.

Verse 13.10:Further, unswerving Devotion towards Me in concentred-application (Yoga), Retiring to secluded spots, Dislike for worldly-haunts: (604)

Commentary called Jnaneshwari by Jnaneshwar:

His firm notion (in body, speech and mind) is that there is nothing else in the world, that is superior to ‘Me’ (Supreme Sprit). His body, speech and mind have drunk deep the truth in the firm determination of seeing no other path but the one leading to Me. In fine one, whose heart is ever associated with Me, has prepared a common bed to be shared by us both. Just as a wife does not feel any diffidence, either physically or mentally, in making contact with her husband, in that way, he makes contact (with me) with an open and free mind. The waters of the Ganges join and become identical with the sea. (In that way) he becomes one with my essence and worships me wholeheartedly. To rise, as also to set along with the sun,—such an entire dependence only adorns the (sun’s) splendour.

The rising over its surface on the part of the water is popularly called a ripple, even though it is the same water. In that way, one, who has thus set his heart wholly on me, and worships me even after dissolving his personality into mine, is the very idol of knowledge. One who has a liking for staying in sacred places such as the banks of holy waters and rivers and in clean dense forests and mountain caves, and who with great regard, resorts to mountain valleys and places bordering on water reservoirs, and never visits inhabited localities, such as villages and towns, and who feels great love for seclusion and (simultaneous) disgust for human habitation, such a one, know ye, is knowledge itself in human form. Now I shall tell you about further attributes of knowledge to elucidate the subject.

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