Image title: Shri-Cakrasamvara

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This picture depicts Śrī-Cakrasaṃvara and represents one of the Three Hundred and Sixty Buddhist Deities from the manuscript entitled Chu Fo P’u-sa Sheng Hsian Tsan. This particular deity belongs to the category: “Great Deities of Mantra-yana”. This image further bears serial number 4 which can be used to look it up in the Chinese index of the source book which contains further iconographic details regarding this Buddhist Pantheon.

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These plates depict photographs of a manuscript entitled Chu Fo P’u-sa Sheng Hsian Tsan which are ascribed to an unnamed Chang Chia Hutuktu (possibly Lalitavajra), embedded in the book "Two Lamaistic Pantheons" (1937) by Walter Eugene Clark; From Materials collected by the Late Baron A Von Stael-Holstein in 1928.

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