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The Sanskrit term Yuṣmadvidha can be transliterated into English as Yusmadvidha or Yushmadvidha, using the IAST transliteration scheme (?).

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Yuṣmadvidha (युष्मद्विध).—a. like you.

Yuṣmadvidha is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms yuṣmad and vidha (विध).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Vidha (विध).—[vidh-ka ac vā]1) Kind, sort; as in बहुविध, नानाविध (bahuvidha, nānāvidha).2) Mode...
Bahuvidha (बहुविध).—A king of the family of Aṅga. (Agni Purāṇa, Chapter 277).
Ekavidha (एकविध).—a. of one kind; simple. Ekavidha is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the te...
Yuṣmad (युष्मद्).—The base of the second personal pronoun; (nom. tvam, yuvām, yūyam) Thou, you;...
Pṛthagvidha (पृथग्विध).—a. of different kinds, diverse, various. Pṛthagvidha is a Sanskrit comp...
Trividha (त्रिविध).—a. of three kinds, three-fold. Trividha is a Sanskrit compound consisting o...
Daśavidha (दशविध).—a. of ten kinds. Daśavidha is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms da...
Caturvidha (चतुर्विध).—a. of four sorts or kinds, four-fold. Caturvidha is a Sanskrit compound ...
Pañcavidha (पञ्चविध).—a. fivefold, of five kinds. °प्रकृतिः (prakṛtiḥ) f. the five departments ...
Evaṃvidha (एवंविध).—a. of such a kind, such. Evaṃvidha is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the...
Nanavidha (ननविध) refers to a “nine-fold classification” of dharmas, according to the 2nd centu...
Dvividha (द्विविध).—a. of two kinds or sorts; द्विविधः संश्रयः स्मृतः (dvividhaḥ saṃśrayaḥ smṛt...
Yuṣmadartham (युष्मदर्थम्).—ind. for you. Yuṣmadartham is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the...
Yuṣmadvācya (युष्मद्वाच्य).—(in gram.) the second person. Derivable forms: yuṣmadvācyam (युष्मद...
Navavidha (नवविध).—a. nine-fold, of nine kinds or sorts. °अन्नानि (annāni) n. (pl.) = सूप, शाक,...

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