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Alternative spellings of this word include Vimanacharin.

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Vimānacārin (विमानचारिन्).—a. moving in balloon.

Vimānacārin is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms vimāna and cārin (चारिन्). See also (synonyms): vimānayāna.

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Vimāna (विमान) refers to a “chariot-like structure”, as explained in the Śivapurāṇa 1.11. Accor...
Brahmacārin (ब्रह्मचारिन्).—a. 1) studying the Vedas. 2) practising continence of chastity. (-m...
Pādacārin (पादचारिन्).—m. (-rī) A footman, a foot-soldier. E. pāda, and car to go, aff. ṇini.
Duṣṭacārin (दुष्टचारिन्).—mfn. (-rī-riṇī-ri) Wicked. E. duṣṭa, and cārin practising. duṣṭaṃ car...
Vyomacārin (व्योमचारिन्).—m. (-rī) 1. A God. 2. A bird. 3. A saint. 4. A heavenly body. E. vyom...
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Ambucārin (अम्बुचारिन्).—a. moving or living in water, aquatic (as fish &c.); अद्रिं दधाराम्बुच...
Devavimāna (देवविमान, “vehicle”).—The twelfth of “fourteen dreams” of Triśalā.—The palanquin of...
Vimana Vatthu
1) Vimāna, 2 (vi+māna) disrespect, contempt Sn. 887 (°dassin showing contempt). (Page 632) 2) V...
Agariya Vimana
Agāriya, = agārika, a layman M.I, 504 (°bhūta). — Usually in neg. anagāriyā (f.) the homeless s...
Vimāna-vāsin ('dweller in vimāna') is a class of deities who served the tīrthaṃkara Mahā-vīr...
Śrī-vimāna.—(SII 2, 13), same as vimāna; central shrine in the temple. Note: śrī-vimāna is defi...
Vimānayāna (विमानयान).—a. moving in balloon. Vimānayāna is a Sanskrit compound consisting of th...
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Vimānagāmin (विमानगामिन्).—a god; भयान्विता नभसि विमानगामिनः (bhayānvitā nabhasi vimānagāminaḥ)...

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