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Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary

taḍataḍa (तडतड).—f (taḍa! taḍa!) Spitting, sputtering, cracking, crackling, snapping, popping &c. See the adverb. 2 fig. Snapping at angrily; petulant scolding: also teasing and worrying (as that of a child). 3 Fretting and chafing, or cracking and chapping (of the skin).

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taḍataḍa (तडतड) [or डां, ḍāṃ].—ad Imit. of the spitting and sputtering of things frying or parching; of the cracking of a smart caning; of the popping of brisk musket-firing; of any crackling, snapping, sharp rattling &c. 2 Violently or roughly--clawing, tearing, scratching, biting, gnawing. v tōḍa, bōca- kara, luñca, cāva, khā, ḍasa, khājava, phāḍa or phāṭa. 3 Snappishly--speaking: rattlingly, railingly, sharply and clamorously--scolding. 4 Briskly, smartly, energetically--moving, doing, speaking. taḍataḍa or ḍāṃ tōḍaṇēṃ (pōṭānta) To yearn; to be moved or affected; to feel pity or tenderness. For other applications of taḍataḍa see ex. under vidhi aṇḍa & nakṣatrāñcā ghaḍa.

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taḍataḍā (तडतडा) [or ड्या, ḍyā].—a (Imit.) Snappish, petulant, of sharp and offensive speech or manner. 2 Captious, sharp, fiery (that spits out sparks--See the adverb taḍataḍa).

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tāḍatāḍa (ताडताड).—ad (tāḍa! tāḍa!) with uḍaṇēṃ, To bound forcibly and quickly: also to leap or spring high. Hence, with uḍaṇēṃ, bōlaṇēṃ, māraṇēṃ, To speak angrily and quickly; to rail and rattle at.

Source: DDSA: The Aryabhusan school dictionary, Marathi-English

taḍataḍa (तडतड) [-ḍāṃ, -डां].—ad Imit. of the spitting and spattering of things frying or parch- ing; snappishly.

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taḍataḍā (तडतडा) [-ḍabā, -डबा].—a Snappish, petulant. Sharp, fiery.

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tāḍātāḍa (ताडाताड).—ad Foreibly and quickly.

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