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Svarṇalekhā (स्वर्णलेखा).—a streak of gold.

Svarṇalekhā is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms svarṇa and lekhā (लेखा). See also (synonyms): svarṇarekhā.

(Source): DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Svarṇabindu (स्वर्णबिन्दु).—A warrior of Subrahmaṇya. (Mahābhārata, Śalya Parva, Chapter 45).
Anaṅgalekha (अनङ्गलेख).—(madanalekhaḥ) a love letter; °लेखक्रिय- योपयोगं (lekhakriya- yopayogaṃ...
1) Madalekhā (मदलेखा) refers to one of the 135 metres (chandas) mentioned by Nañjuṇḍa (1794-186...
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