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The Sanskrit term Śramabhañjanī can be transliterated into English as Sramabhanjani or Shramabhanjani, using the IAST transliteration scheme (?).

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Śramabhañjanī (श्रमभञ्जनी).—the Nāgavela plant.

Śramabhañjanī is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms śrama and bhañjanī (भञ्जनी).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Śrama (श्रम).—Son of Āpa, one of the Aṣṭavasus. Āpa had four sons named Vairuṇḍa Śrama, Śānta a...
Bhañjanī (भञ्जनी).—(f. to Sanskrit bhañjana, one who breaks; so Prakrit °ṇī, Sheth), n. of a ki...
Śramajala (श्रमजल).—n. (-laṃ) Perspiration from exertion or fatigue. E. śrama, jala water.
Kṛtaśrama (कृतश्रम).—A great sage, who had distinguished himself in the court of Yudhiṣṭhira. H...
Śramaghnī (श्रमघ्नी).—Cucurbita Lagenaria (Mar. dudhyā bhopaḷā). Śramaghnī is a Sanskrit compou...
Cadhati Bhanjani
caḍhatī bhāñjaṇī (चढती भांजणी).—f In arithmetic. Reduction ascending.
Śramasādhya (श्रमसाध्य).—a. to be accomplished by dint of labour. Śramasādhya is a Sanskrit com...
Utarati Bhanjani
utaratī bhāñjaṇī (उतरती भांजणी).—f In arithmetic. Reduction descending.
utaratī-bhāñjaṇī (उतरती-भांजणी).—f Reduction (descending).
kōraḍē-śrama (कोरडे-श्रम).—m pl Unproductive labours or toils.
Gataśrama (गतश्रम).—a. unmindful of troubles; आदित्यपथमाश्रित्य जगाम स गतश्रमः (ādityapathamāśr...
caḍhatī-bhāñjaṇī (चढती-भांजणी).—f (In arithmetic.) Reduction ascending.
Śramavinoda (श्रमविनोद).—the act of dispelling fatigue. Derivable forms: śramavinodaḥ (श्रमविनो...
Korade Shrama
kōraḍē śrama (कोरडे श्रम).—m pl Unproductive labors or toils.
Śramasthāna (श्रमस्थान).—a drill-ground, gymnasium &c.Derivable forms: śramasthānam (श्रमस्थानम...

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