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Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary

ṣaṭacakrabhēda (षटचक्रभेद).—m pl S The departments of the six organic or mystical spheres or circles of the human body: also a particular Yog proceeding upon the assumption of these spheres. The spheres are malādhāracakra or ādhāracakra Sphere or circle of the pelvis; (ādhāracakra is also said to be the region comprehending liṅga & nābhi;) liṅgacakra Sphere comprehending the upastha or external or- gans of generation; nābhicakra Infra-umbilical (hypogastric and public) sphere; hṛtcakra or hṛtpadma Sphere of the heart; kaṇṭhacakra Sphere of the throat and neck; mūrdhacakra Sphere of the head. These cakra are further named padma (Lotus) because they all bear the form of the lotus with varying number of petals. They rise one above another along the middle of the body, linked together by chains, one on each side, and one up through the centre, representing, respectively, the rivers bhāgīrathī, yamunā, sarasvatī. Other bold descriptions occur of this terra valde incognita; viz. kūrma Region of the bottom or base; anantaśēṣa; ādhāra Region or seat of gaṇēśa, consisting of four lotus-petals; anāhata Seat of śiva; adhiṣṭhana Seat of brahmā, consisting of six lotus-petals; nābhi Umbilical region; jaṭharāgni Seat of the gastric fire; padma Lotus or maṇipura Seat of viṣṇu; mānasa Seat of the mind or intellect; karpara Region of the cranium, having at its crown or top brahmarandhra Vent-hole for the wearied soul; garuḍa Region of the middle of the forehead. Yet other regions are affirmed, as gōḷahāntacakra, trigānticakra....but these we may be suffered to leave unvisited.

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