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Odanāhvayā (ओदनाह्वया).—Name of a medicinal plant (mahāsamaṃgā).

Odanāhvayā is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms odana and āhvayā (आह्वया). See also (synonyms): odanāhvā, odandanikā.

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Odana (ओदन) refers to a “bowl of cooked rice”, according to the 2nd century Mahāprajñāpāramitāś...
Āhvaya (आह्वय).—m. (-yaḥ) 1. A name or appellation. 2. A lawsuit arising from a dispute about g...
Mahilāhvayā (महिलाह्वया).—f. (-yā) A plant, commonly Priyangu. E. mahilā a woman, and āhvaya ap...
Dadhyodana (दध्योदन) refers to a type of food-offering mentioned in verse 25.114b of the 8th-ce...
Kanakāhvaya (कनकाह्वय) or Kanakamuni.—q.v.
Himāhvaya (हिमाह्वय).—m. (-yaḥ) Camphor. n. (-yaṃ) A lotus. E. hima cold, āhvaya appellation.
Śālyodana (शाल्योदन).—boiled rice (of a superior kind). Derivable forms: śālyodanaḥ (शाल्योदनः)...
Bhasmāhvaya (भस्माह्वय).—m. (-yaḥ) Camphor. E. bhasman ashes, āhvaya a name.
Jalāhvaya (जलाह्वय).—n. (-yaṃ) A lotus. E. jala, and āhvaya appellation.
Śoṇitāhvaya (शोणिताह्वय).—n. (-yaṃ) Saffron.
Gajāhvaya (गजाह्वय).—n. (-yaṃ) Hastinapur, the ancient Dehli: see the preceding.
Odanāhvā (ओदनाह्वा).—Name of a medicinal plant (mahāsamaṃgā).Odanāhvā is a Sanskrit compound co...
Odandanikā (ओदन्दनिका).—Name of a medicinal plant (mahāsamaṃgā).Odandanikā is a Sanskrit compou...
Vyājāhvaya (व्याजाह्वय).—a false name. Derivable forms: vyājāhvayaḥ (व्याजाह्वयः).Vyājāhvaya is...
Candrāhvaya (चन्द्राह्वय).—camphor. Derivable forms: candrāhvayaḥ (चन्द्राह्वयः).Candrāhvaya is...

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