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Jātismarakīṭa (जातिस्मरकीट).—A worm which got emancipation through the advice of Vyāsa. Once while Vyāsa was roaming about in the country, by chance he saw this worm. It was running through the road, seeing a cart coming very fast. Vyāsa stopped it and asked, "What are you running from?" The worm replied that he was running in fear that the wheel of the cart coming from behind might crush him. In the previous birth this worm was a Śūdra. Jealousy, resentment, arrogance, selfishness etc. were the traits of his character in his previous life. Only twice in his life had he done good deeds. Once he honoured his mother and on another occasion he respected a Brāhmaṇa. Because of these two good deeds, in his present life as worm he had the remembrance of his previous life. Vyāsa gave the worm necessary advice. Instantly the worm was crushed under the wheel of the cart.

In the next rebirth this Jātismarakīṭa was born as a Kṣatriya King. As he was leading the life of a powerful King he met with Vyāsa. He received advice from the hermit. In his next life he became a Brāhmaṇa and finally he attained bliss. (Mahābhārata Anuśāsana Parva, 3 Chapters from 117).

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