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daivācā bhōpaḷā (दैवाचा भोपळा).—m (Pompion of Fortune. Because it is light and hollow). A term for a luckless wight, the sport of Destiny; Fortune's football.

Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary
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Kaḍu-Bhopālā in the Marathi language is another name for Kaṭutumbī, a medicinal plant identifie...
pāṇḍharā-bhōpaḷā (पांढरा-भोपळा).—m See dudhā bhōpaḷā.
Bhramaca Bhopala
bhramācā bhōpaḷā (भ्रमाचा भोपळा).—& bhramācī mōṭa Preferably bhara- mācā bhōpaḷā &c.
Tambada Bhopala
tāmbaḍā bhōpaḷā (तांबडा भोपळा).—m The fruit of ḍāṅgara, the dark green pompion when it is ripe ...
bharamācā-bhōpaḷā (भरमाचा-भोपळा).—m A term for a thing, in general, substantial in appearance b...
daivācā-bhōmpaḷā (दैवाचा-भोंपळा).—m A luckless wight.
Pandhara Bhopala
pāṇḍharā bhōpaḷā (पांढरा भोपळा).—m The long white pompion.
daivācā-putaḷā (दैवाचा-पुतळा).—m A fortunate person.
Daivaca Khela
daivācā khēḷa (दैवाचा खेळ).—m The sporting (i. e.) the capriciousness or fickleness) of Fortune...
Bhagyaca Bhopala
bhāgyācā bhōpaḷā (भाग्याचा भोपळा).—m A term for an unlucky wight; the sport of Fortune, Fortune...
bhāgyācā-bhōpaḷā (भाग्याचा-भोपळा).—m A term for an un- lucky wight.
Daivaca Putala
daivācā putaḷā (दैवाचा पुतळा).—m (Idol or pet of Fortune.) A term for a Fortunate or prosperous...
Daiva (दैव).—mfn. (-vaḥ-vī-vaṃ) Of or relating to divinity or a deity, divine, celestial, &...
Ilā.—(IE 7-1-2), ‘one’. Note: ilā is defined in the “Indian epigraphical glossary” as it can be...
Bṛhatphala (बृहत्फल).—m. pl. (written vṛh° only Mv ii.349.1 and Mvy 3100; but = Pali vehapphala...

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