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In Hinduism

Ganapatya (worship of Ganesha)

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Source: Ashtavinayak (8 temples of Ganesha)

Ashtavinayak refers to the pilgrimage to the eight temples of Ganesha.—The temples (“Ashta-Vinayaka”) are located around Pune. Just as the twelve Jyotirlingas of Shiva and fifty-two Shakti Pithis Devi are considered sacred, so the eight self-manifested abodes of Ganesha are considered sacred. The names of the eight kshetras (shrines) are listed in the Mangalashtaka sloka. This sloka is always recited during a religious ceremony. By reciting this sloka, the priest invites Shri Ganesha to attend the ceremony.

According to the sloka, if you are going to make the Ashtavayanayatra (pilgrimage), then it is recommended to observe a certain sequence of visiting holy places:

  1. 1. Mayureshwar in Morgaon (Shree Moreshwar-Morgaon).
  2. Chintamani in Theur (Shree Chintamani-Theur).
  3. Siddhivinayaka in Siddhatek (Shree Siddhivinayak-Siddhanek).
  4. Mahaganapati in Ranjangaon (Shree Mahaganapati-Ranjangaon).
  5. Girjatamaj in Lenyadri (Shree Girjatmaj Vinayaka-Lenyadri).
  6. Vignahara in Ozar (Shree Vighneshwar Vinayak-Ozar).
  7. Ballaleshwar in Pali (Shree Ballaleshwar-Pali).
  8. Varadavinayaka in Mahad (Shree Varadvinayak-Mahad).

The return to Morgaon concludes the pilgrimage. The Ashtavinayak pilgrimage (visiting the eight shrines of Ganapati) is believed to guarantee eternal bliss. That is why many want to do it at least once in their life.

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Ganapatya (गाणपत्य, gāṇapatya) represents a tradition of Hinduism where Ganesha is revered and worshipped as the prime deity (ishta-devata). Being a minor though influential movement, Ganapatya evovled, llike Shaktism and Shaivism, as a separate movement leaving behind a large body of literature.

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